Mission of the PTA

  • To promote close liaison between school and home
  • To foster friendly relations between parents, school administration and teachers, and among parents themselves
  • To improve the welfare of the pupils and of the school, and hence to make the school a better place for the students to study and grow
2017-2018 Committee Members

The following parents are successfully elected as members of the 24th Standing Committee which is formed together with Principal, teachers and OBA Liaison. The LSCPTA would like to express her gratitude to parents who took part in the voting on 23 September 2017.


Ms. WONG Shuk Wa (Chairperson)
Mr. LI Yue Chiu, Frederick (Vice Chairman)
Mr. CHAN Kit Ying, Charles (Treasurer)
Mr. CHIANG Chi Kin, Stephen (Secretary)
Mr. LAI Chi Kai, Simon 
Ms. LAU Yuen Hung, Lisa
Dr. LEE Heung Wing, Joseph
Mr. SHUM Siu Cheung, Samuel
Dr. YUEN Ka Wa, Nicholas
Mr. TONG Wun Sing (Honorary Advisor)
Ms. Cecilia TANG (Vice Principal)
Mr. Joseph Hui (Vice Principal)
Mr. CHAN Tong (Home-School Coordinator)
Mrs. Florence CHOW (Career Mistress)
Ms. Carol IP (Teachers' Representative)
Mr. Alfred LAM (Teachers' Representative)
Mr. Abraham NG (School Social Worker) 
Ex-officio (LSCOBA)

Mr. Alan Lui



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