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La Salle Study Centre Changjiao China

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Info of drugs abuse from EDB

Please find info of drugs abuse from EDB.

La Salle College Family Fun Day 2014

All Parents and old boys families are cordially invited to the Family Fun Day on 14th December 2014, Sunday, at La Salle College.

IMC Parent Manager Election

Dear Parents,

On behalf on the La Salle College Parent Teacher Association (LSCPTA), we are pleased to inform you that there are two candidates validly nominated for the La Salle College Incorporated Management Committee (LSCIMC) Parent Manager Election 2014-2015. They are (in alphabetical order):

(1) Mr. Alan LUI Chi Hung (parent of a F.3 student)
(2) Dr. Steven WONG Ho Shan (parent of a F.6 student)

According to LSCIMC Election Ordinance, the Election will be arranged as follows:

Parent Manager Election Day:          24 Oct 2014 (Fri)
Time:                                                 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Venue:                                               General Purpose Rooms, 1/F, La Salle College
Counting of votes:                             8:30pm at the venue
Announcement of election results:    Immediately after the vote counting is finished. Results will also be posted up on the LSCPTA website right after the election.

LSCIMC Parent Manager Election Guidelines
LSCIMC Self-Intro & Objectives-Aspiration of Alan LUI
LSCIMC Self-Intro & Objectives-Aspiration of Steven WONG

All legitimate parents are cordially invited to take part in the voting. For details please refer to the ‘LSCIMC Parent Manager Election Guidelines’ attached above.

Important Notes:

1. All parents/guardians of the current students of LSC listed on the data base of the School Administration and Management System (SAMS) are eligible to vote. All legitimate parents attending will be asked to sign in. One ballot form will be handed over to each legitimate parent after sign-in.
2. Every parent should vote individually and should have only one vote irrespective of the number of children the parent has at LSC. Both parents of a student will each be given a ballot paper for voting. On request, a ballot paper may be given to the guardian of the student or the person who has the actual custody of the student.
3. A 2-minute self-introductory video of each candidate will be presented in the election venue on the Parent Manager Election Day.
4. Voting can only be done in person and only during the specified period of time in the Parent Manager election. No proxy will be allowed.
5. The voting will be conducted by a secret ballot. Voters should not put down their name or any other form of ID on the ballot form.
6. The candidate who obtains the greatest number of votes will be nominated for registration as the Parent Manager whereas the one who obtains the next greatest number of votes will be nominated for registration as the Alternate Parent Manager.

We are looking forward to attaining your invaluable participation in the voting. For enquiries please feel free to contact Mr. CHAN Tong, Home-School Coordinator, at ct@lasalle.edu.hk

Thank you for your attention.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. CHAN Tong
Home-School Coordinator

Br. Steve HOGAN
Principal (Endorsed 15/10/2014)

Form 1 Registration for 2014/15

Date:   Thur 10th and Fri 11th July
Venue: 1/F La Salle College

La Salle College and La Salle College PTA would like to remind Form 1 Parents and students (2014/15) to bring the following:

-   Student’s S1 Placement Slip issued by EDB
-   Student’s HKID Card
-   Parent’s Bank Book / Account Number
-   At least 2 cheques (to submit fees for the Summer Bridging Programme & PTA membership)
-   At least 2 recent photographs of student (preferably in primary school uniform)
-   Cash for buying the PE uniform (summer PE uniform: HK$90, winter sweater: HK$125)
-   Cash for buying school tie & badge (HK$34/set)

*   Parents can also order the school uniform (shirt & trousers) and buy PTA products (socks, bags, etc.) at the venue.
*   Financial Support for those on Financial Assistance or others in need are invited to contact the convener in the Registration Hall

Please note that La Salle College will be initiating a BYOD eLearning environment in the year starting 2015/16 at which time boys will be required to bring a laptop to school according to required specifications. These specifications will be provided now for those who plan to invest/renew their sons computer/device in the near future.

Br. Steve (Principal)

Photos Taken during the PTA 20th Anniversary Dinner

Photos Taken by PTA photographer

Photos Taken by Thomas Wong

PTA Inner Mongolia Study Tour (26 June - 3 July 2014)

Dear Form 1 – 5 Parents,

In order to help students further develop their understanding of the history and cultural development of Mongolia, the La Salle College Parent Teacher Association is organizing a study tour, ‘The Eternal Flame’, to Inner Mongolia, on 26 June – 3 July, 2014.

The study tour is a joint project with Heep Yunn School and is to be assisted by the Department of Youth Affairs Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR.

The tour group will visit renowned sites such as the Hulunbeier National Museum, Argun River, Mordaga National Forest Park, Hulun Lake, and Hulun Buir Grasslands. They will also have a chance to visit the Barga Mongol Tribe, Auluguya & Ewenke Tribe, Mongolian hunters, and Russian families.

The tour group will also experience a stay in a Mongolian yurt, and will see the famous prairie, and the natural ecology of the Greater Khingan. Through these visits, students will gain an understanding of Mongolian history as well as a sense of the wonderful natural environment of Inner Mongolia.

The tour group will also visit famous historical and cultural sites such as the Anti-Fascism Memorial Park, Heishantou Ruins, and the Old Sino-Russia Border Crossing at Manzhouli (the largest inland port in China). In addition, the participants will cross the China-Russia Border and visit Zabaikalsk and Redstone, towns in Russia.

On the tour, participants will also have a chance to taste traditional Mongolian and Russian food. For details please refer to the tentative itinerary below.

Research based project learning is a requirement of this study tour. Students will be required to conduct a small scale research project. Their learning outcomes will be appraised by teachers and parents after the tour. All students must take part in onegroup project.

Students need to collect information, prepare questionnaires, conduct interviews, analyze their findings, and carry out a presentation after the tour.

All Form 1 - 5 students and parents are invited to apply.

As there are limited vacancies, selection interviews may be conducted if necessary. Student applicants are expected to have pleasing academic results, good conduct, and at least some basic Putonghua competence as it is hoped the tour will provide further oral proficiency. Students selected will be capable of promoting our school image and acting as ambassadors of the College.

Interested students and parents are to apply via eNotice on or before 1 April 2014 (Tue 1). They should also submit a cheque (HK$9,800/participant, payable to “LSCPTA”) and a copy of their HKID and Home-Return Permit to the collection box placed at the School Office on or before 4 April 2014 (Fri 1). Please note that first priority will be given to students. Cheques of unsuccessful applicants will be returned.

The estimation of the tour cost will be around HK$9,800. However, it may vary according to actual needs and logistical arrangements. Surplus, if any, will be refunded to participants. Successful student applicants who have acquired financial assistance from the Student Financial Assistance Agency will attain a corresponding subsidy for the tour from the Parent Teacher Association.

Other needy students may also be eligible for the Community Care Fund (CCF) subsidy. Subsidy applicants please return the attached application form to Dr. SIN Man Fai on or before 4 April 2014 (Fri 1). No student is to be excluded because of financial reasons.

For enquiries please feel free to contact Mr. CHAN Tong at 9418 5911 or by email at chan.t@lasalle.edu.hk .

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Steven WONG                           Br. Steve HOGAN
Chairman, LSCPTA                        Principal



Message from Br. Steve

Greetings All,

Can I ask your help? Two boys from La Salle College have entered a competition which involved making a video on an innovation. They have been shortlisted to the final 20 and now need pubic support to get to the final. The College will get $250,000.00 worth of computer equipment if the boys win – this is a significant prize for the school, hence the reason for my seeking your help in addition to the project being really good and worth voting for. If you can pass this on to as many people as possible that would be great.

As the video is in Cantonese the boys have provided a fail-safe instruction (for those not able to follow Cantonese) on how to vote for their video and not someone else’s. The key step is Step 3 – selecting the video by CHOW Chun Hin and WONG Gabriel. Please refer to the guide and diagram below and the boys own appeal to you for support, and/or the attached pdf. Voting closes March 17th. By voting, you will also automatically enter a lucky draw and have a chance to win a Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE.

Thank you very much for your support to the boys and the College.

Br. Steve (Principal)


Voting Guide

LSC PTA 20th Anniversary Dinner - March 22

Dear Parents,

You are cordially invited to the 20th Anniversary Dinner of the LSC PTA, on Saturday March 22. Detail please refer to the below notice :

20th Anniversary Dinner Invitation Poster

and reply slip :

School Notice and Reply Slip

Dr. Steven WONG                           Br. Steve Hogan
Chairman, LSCPTA                        Principal

Chinese New Year Lamma Island Outing

Dear Parents,

You are cordially invited to the Chinese new Year Lamma Island Outing. Detail please refer to the below notice :

Chinese new Year Lamma Island Outing

Dr. Steven WONG                           Br. Steve Hogan
Chairman, LSCPTA                         Principal

Standing Committee 2014-2015

The following parents are successfully elected as members of the 21st Standing Committee which is formed together with Principal, teachers and OBA Liaison. The LSCPTA would like to express her gratitude to parents who took part in the voting on 26 Sep 2014.

Mr. Alan LUI Chi Hung        (Chairman)
Dr. Joseph LEE       
Dr. Nicholas YUEN
Mrs. LEE LAU Sze Man, Rebecca
Mrs. LING CHOI Sau Ching, Mavis
Ms. WONG Shuk Wa         (Vice Chairperson)
Mr. LAI Chi Kai, Simon       (Honorary Treasurer)
Ms. Angela CHAN              (Honorary Secretary)
Dr. Henry CHAN
Dr. Steven WONG             (Immediate Past Chairman)

Bro. Steve HOGAN       (Honorary Advisor)
Mr. TONG Wun Sing     (Vice Principal)
Ms. Cecilia TANG         (Vice Principal)
Dr. SIN Man Fai            (Teachers' Representative)
Ms. Carol IP                  (Teachers' Representative)
Mrs. Florence CHOW   (Career Mistress)
Mr. Abraham NG          (School Social Worker)
Mr. CHAN Tong            (Home-School Coordinator)

Old Boy
Dr. Gordon FONG        (OBA Liaison)

The Standing Committee of 2014-2015

Pre-S1 Parent Seminar "Bridging the Gap" - 16 July 2013

16/07/2013 (Tuesday)

Pre-S1 Parent Seminar "Bridging the Gap"
Date: 16 July 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: School Hall

Link to photo
Photo by Ms. Ann Lee